In the spotlight: Netotrade and Sunbird FX

Two of the biggest names to rise on the forex trading scene over the last couple of years are without doubt Netotrade and Sunbird FX, which both are fairly new on the market, but have already manage to established themselves as serious contenders amongst the top brokers in the industry. Personally, I trade at both these websites, as well as on a number of other brokers as I like to change things up a bit when I trade. Trading on several websites also gives you the advantage of finding the best spread for a particular investments a long with a number of other things. In this article I wanted to compare these two websites to one another in other give you readers a better picture of which broker will suit you the best.

So let’s start off with Sunbird FX. They started their business in 2011, and in just 2 years and a half they have quickly earned a good reputation as an international broker available in several languages. Since the first of December in 2012 their client trading volume has surpassed many of it’s competitors on the market today.

One of the main reasons as to why Sunbird FX so quickly have risen to the top has to be their generous starting offer to new customers, which includes some of the lowest spreads in the business today. They offer three strong trading platforms, with the very popular MT4 platform as their main platform. They also offer their own WebTrader platform as well as a mobile solution giving traders full access to their account wherever they might be.

Netotrade, on the other hand, have a few more years of experience on their neck. Started in 2010 they have established themselves as a top international broker available in 5 different countries. With a huge range of assets including currencies, commodities and stocks, Netotrade is the perfect place for a serious trader with a taste for variety. Netotrade also offers three different trading platforms: MT4, Webtrade as well as a mobile trading platform. One thing that I like about Netotrade in particular is that they offer four different accounts, customized for different types of traders. First out is the mini account as well as the gold account, which is for small time traders looking for good deals. For experienced and professional traders there are the Platinum and ECN Account, which both offers a more extended set of features for traders trading with larger sums of money.

If you would like to read a review of Netotrade, try visiting the forex portal!

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